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Upcoming Exhibition Piece

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Here is a sneak peek of my artwork in progress.

Climate resilience is….. supporting the health of native bees in our community by incorporating bee hotels in urban spaces and gardens.

A second artwork was exhibited at Bendigo Bank Mitchell Street, Bendigo during November 2021 as a lead up to the exhibition in 2022.  It highlights the need for communities to regenerate our landscape to aid in climate resilience and to benefit future generations.

Climate Adaptation Art Exhibition

Exhibition Participant

Venue: Dudley House, View Street, Bendigo

Opening Dates/Times: Friday 18th - Wednesday 23rd February 2022.

I was excited to be chosen as one 20 artists to create a piece for Bendigo’s inaugural Climate Adaptation Art Exhibition.
Hosted by ADAPT Loddon Mallee, the aim of the exhibition is to explore and reflect current and future actions communities can take or are undertaking to ready themselves for unprecedented climatic change events and impacts.


Recent Exhibitions

Close Brush with Bendigo Heritage

Solo Exhibition

Exhibit B

Bendigo Bank Central

Bath Lane, Bendgio

4 - 31 May 2021

Kim's current exhibition titled "Close Brush with Bendigo Heritage" is a series of bold colour, slightly abstract paintings that showcase Bendigo Heritage, inviting viewers to experience local history from a different perspective, angle and view.

Close Brush with Bendigo Heritage IG Til
Artist Statement

A recent shift from watercolour to acrylic was the catalyst for this exhibition “A Close Brush with Heritage”. 


My desire to experiment with bold, textured colour and depict local historic icons from a different perspective, led me create this series of paintings. 


Each painting subject has particular meaning to me, having lived in Bendigo for most of my life.  I still marvel at the beauty in every one of these local treasures and wanted to encourage viewers to experience Bendigo history from a different angle or view. 


I am developing my acrylic painting technique by layering paint, varying brush strokes and using a palette knife to achieve texture and depth. 


Painting these historic icons in bold colour, in a slightly abstract way, to me represents their aged beauty and symbolises the wonderful way they blend with today’s modern architecture, culture and way of life

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The above artworks, painted in artist quality, heavy bodied acrylic on canvas display lovely texture and bold colours.

These artworks would make a stunning addition to any business reception or office area, or enhance any room within your home.


Each piece is available for sale ranging from $450 - 750.  Artworks can be shadow framed upon request for a small additional charge.  A tax invoice can be supplied.

Renewable Energy Artwork.jpg
Glow in the Park

Winner of the "Loddon Mallee" Renewable Energy Art Award" for the City of Greater Bendigo.


One of ten artworks forming an exhibition that tourned regional libraries in 2019-20

Glow in the Dark Park depicts the possibility that our parks could be illuminated using a renewable energy source – bioluminescence.

As fireflies light the night sky through a chemical reaction inside their bodies, or plankton produces flashes of light in response to wave breaks on the shore, bioluminescence could be the lighting solution for urban street lights or to illuminate parks after dusk.  The technology emits a “cool”, soft light and would be a very cost effective energy.


Works Exhibited

Kim regularly submits pieces for exhibition in local Art Shows:

2021     Adapt Loddon Mallee Climate Adaptation art Exhibition

2021     Close Brush with Bendigo Heritage, Exhibit B

2021     Bendigo Rotary Easter Art Show

2019     Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award

2019     Bendigo Rotary Easter Art Show

2018     Bendigo Rotary Easter Art Show