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Creative Resumes

…. to secure your perfect work

Your Resume is a very important document, particularly in today’s challenging, competitive world.

It is essential that your Resume is not only professionally written and presented, but also showcases your individual personality, strengths and achievements. 

Your Resume is your own unique marketing tool and should be an extension of your personality.

Kim Lowe, Founder of 2inspire, has been writing professional Resumes for 19 years.  Through her previous businesses, Efficient Office and CV Resumes, Kim has developed individual, creative and effective Resumes for thousands of clients.

During an open and engaging consultation (either in person or via phone/email), Kim will work with you to identify the key elements and information to include in your Resume and choose a format and colour that reflects your style and industry.

Assistance can also be provided with writing cover letters and responses to Key Selection Criteria.

Contact Kim today to start developing your creative, individual Resume.

Example Resume Layouts

Fee Schedule

Graduate / Student Resumes

Designed for students, school leavers or university leavers with little or no work experience.

In this competitive field, you need to make an impact, clearly highlight your academic achievements, succinctly outline your strengths and convey areas of interest.


Resume Fee:  $80 - 120 (GST exclusive)

Early Career


The Early Career Resume package is most suited for people with less than 5 years experience in areas including sales, administration, trades, hospitality, customer service, disability support, personal care assistant etc.

Resume Fee: $100 - 150  (GST exclusive)


Designed for those in a professional field such as teaching, nursing, accounting, legal, engineering IT, etc.  Typically your Resume will include more detail such as specialist skills, extensive professional development and possibly research activities.

This personalised Resume service is tailored to your specific industry, specialty and situation.


Resume Fee: $150 - 200  (GST exclusive)


Executives and Senior Managers seeking a career move, Board position or advancement are encouraged to use this service.

Use this package to define current objectives, showcase past career activities and highlight achievements. The Executive Resume package can also be utilised to create a Corporate Profile.


Resume Fee: $200 - 300  (GST exclusive)

Application Letters

Letters of Application written to target a specific job or industry, highlighting your passion, strengths, achievements and experience.

Application Letter Fee: $50 per hour  (GST exclusive)

Key Selection Criteria

CV Resumes can provide assistance to construct responses to a position's Key Selection Criteria (KSC).

Often employers will not even consider your application unless the KSC is addressed in the correct way.

We can give you tips on how to address a KSC yourself or review your responses prior to submitting your application.


KSC Fee: $100 per hour  (GST exclusive)

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