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...to showcase your business

...to secure your perfect work

...to share your story

At 2inspire we are passionate about incorporating creativity into your life...

whether that be in a business or personal sense.

Creative Inspiration and Support for Business


Knowing how to professionally promote your business, identify the words to create a professional Resume or learn the skills to format and publish documents can be time consuming and stressful at times.

You may not have the expertise and knowledge or cannot stretch your resources any further.


2inspire can assist through delivery of the following professional services:

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Creative Inspiration for Individuals and Groups


At 2inspire, we also believe that incorporating creativity into your everyday life can assist in improving your mental health and well-being. 


Therefore, we deliver artistic workshops, sell unique gifts and facilitate community collaborations.

Unique Art for Sale

...to share skills

...to spoil yourself and your loved ones

...to connect with our community

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Creative inspiration and support

for you and your business

As Founder of 2inspire, I'm passionate about incorporating creativity into your life and delivering business services in a creative way.

I live a life of art and desgin and thoroughly enjoy supporting businesses with their marketing needs, working with groups on creative projects and inspiring people in general to enjoy the benefits of art.

Kim Lowe


2inspire run a variety of Art Workshops:

Watercolour Workshops

Learn the basic techniques of watercolour in an interactive workshop

"Arty Party"

Children's painting party sessions

"Clink n Create" Events

Adult painting workshops where you can relax, chat, sip and paint

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