Bringing people together through art

for happier, healthier communities


Artist, Kim Lowe, founder of 2inspire, delivers a range of painting classes, creative events and painting commissions to enhance your skills, wellbeing and home.

By engaging your creative mind through art, you can enjoy many benefits including:

Reduced stress and anxiety

A sense of accomplishment

Opportunities to socialise

Boosted self esteem

Enhanced quality of life

Reduced social isolation

An opportunity to focus deeply

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Pet Pawtraits

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...to have fun and socialise

...to celebrate or remember your pets

...works past and present


About Kim Lowe

Bendigo based artist, Kim Lowe has been honing her skills in watercolour and acrylic painting for the past several years.  Originally a design and marketing specialist, Kim blends her traditional painting skills with her digital design experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.

For the past 3 years Kim has been actively painting, exhibiting her work, delivering workshops within schools and community groups and establishing herself within the Bendigo arts community.

Inspiration for her works comes from her surroundings including local heritage, animals and nature.  Her most recent exhibition explored use of bold colour and texture incorporating more of an abstract style.