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Paint Jam…. Where Street Art and Graffiti Collide

As I arrived at the underpass, on a wet winter’s day, freezing my butt off, I said to myself “what the hell am I doing?!”

On the weekend, I braved the cold, rain, hail (and fear of possible embarrassment!) to paint my first street art mural with spray paint.

I had the opportunity to do this through a Paint Jam event organised by Nacho Station with the support of the City of Greater Bendigo.

Local Bendigo street artists were invited to meet at Williamson Street underpass and create a freeform artwork with spray paint. It was an innovative project organised to foster a collaborative and respectful culture amongst the street artists and graffitists of Bendigo.

Following a basic skills workshop provided by Nacho Station, I had the opportunity to work alongside both experienced artists and novices like me.

I decided to create a piece that incorporated my unique line art, in a street art style with a positive message. As my first attempt at spray painting, I was happy with the result. I am certainly no graffiti artist, but I met some very creative people having a go, and having lots of fun, like I was!

Our creations have certainly made the walk through the underpass much more vibrant and interesting. You can view the street art in Bendigo, Victoria, at the Williamson Street underpass.

Let’s hope that this community collaboration inspires a little more respect between the street artists and graffitists of Bendigo.

Both are impressive artforms on the right canvas.


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