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Why should we inspire our kids to draw and be creative?

As a mother of 3 teenagers, I remember many years ago spending time with my kids at preschool or primary school and watching them draw and paint. It was so effortless, without boundaries or rules, sometimes incorporating their interests, other times simply abstract.

I think we can all see some obvious benefits of drawing or being creative, such as how relaxing it is and that it provides enjoyment, however, there are many more benefits…

Drawing can:

Develop Fine Motor Skills

“Fine motor” refers to the movements we make with the small muscles of the hands. By encouraging your child to hold, manipulate and draw with pencils, crayons, chalk etc., you are helping them to develop these important fine motor skills.

Build Concentration

You will often find that children ‘stick’ to drawing longer than other tasks. This is because they gain enjoyment from drawing, and often like to include detail into their artwork which helps to build concentration. Whether it be drawing within the lines, connecting the dots, or creating a drawing from scratch, your child will not even realise that they are building up their concentration levels as they create.

Help Children Express Themselves

One of the best ways that kids express themselves is through creative means. Drawing, sketching and colouring are just a few of the outlets that kids use to deal with their emotions. Allowing a child to paint or draw with freedom is a critical part of childhood development. It allows them to express themselves, especially when they can’t express their feelings through words, which can be very frustrating for them.

Improve Hand Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to control hand movement guided by vision. These skills can be improved in your child through drawing. By copying an object or picture in front of them, playing naughts and crosses or finding their way through a maze, they are improving their hand-eye coordination.

Improve Confidence

When children have the opportunity to put what they think, feel and imagine on paper, through drawing, painting or other creative means, it gives them a sense of enjoyment and builds confidence.

By showing an interest, and encouraging your child to draw, paint or create, you can increase their confidence and feeling of self-worth which may transfer into other areas of their life.

Gifts and products available at will encourage your little one to draw and create, providing a number of benefits as outlined above.

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